Design Manual

In order to ensure that the development has the least possible impact on the natural beauty of the site, and the conflicting styles of architecture do not vie with one another to the detriment of the environment as a whole and the investment value of the project, the developer decided to limit the amount of architectural variation which may be permitted on site as a whole.


Approved at the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 17th February, 2010.

The SELLERS and the Architects have, to this end, endeavoured to create an Architectural link between the environmental and vernacular requirements of this development and the existing Architecture of the area, as well as the particular requirements of present day living. This has been incorporated into basic guidelines and is mandatory for any development on the Estate. These guidelines are contained in the so-called “DESIGN MANUAL”.

This document will be administered and applied by the HOA and their Consultant Architect. The consultant Architect appointed by the HOA are:

Rory Cameron Smith

Email :

Contact Number : 021 790 6206

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