International Student’s Legacy lives on in Hout Bay Charity – ABC for Life

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“Every good action creates another.” This is at the core of what local Hout Bay charity ABC For Life stands for through their work in providing focused education to children in need. ABC for Life was founded by Lola Kramer and Val Toledo nine years ago.

In the early months of 2015 UK student, 19 year old Alexandra Giddings, volunteered at ABC For Life dedicating her time to enriching the student’s lives and to making an impact on the community. Sadly, she lost her life in a car accident when she returned home a month later in May 2015. However, because of the effect ABC for Life had on her and vice-versa, her parents set up a charity in her name to raise funds for the school, which runs solely on donations. Through this, her legacy and dedication to the school lives on and because of this financial support received from the Giddings family, the school has been able to keep its doors open for the past year.

Connected with the Sentinel school in Hout Bay, ABC for Life is focused on equipping school-leavers with the tools they need to be productive members of society. Reaching over 300 students, the school is also part of the umbrella group the Hout Bay Education Trust and serves the community with various programmes including English, Maths and Afrikaans bridging classes, a “Love of Reading” programme, one-on-one learner support, career guidance and after school programmes.

“Our mission has always been to provide a good, small-group education environment to those who are struggling and to equip them with the proper skills to find employment,” says Val Toledo, ABC for Life Co-founder and Trustee. “At the beginning of the school year, teachers from Sentinel Primary School refer students who are failing in key skills areas and, through a pre-test process, we find the level of functioning of each student and their suitability to participate in the program. These are students who, with a little support, have the potential to succeed.”

Consisting of a few staff members and volunteers, ABC for Life relies heavily on support and donations from businesses in the community. As such the involvement of Alexandra Giddings and her family has become a vital lifeline for the school.

“Alexandra was a beautiful person who touched many lives and it is wonderful to see her work continue. The support we have received from Giddings family has been invaluable and the difference their involvement and financial help has made is tangible when looking at the number of learners we have been able to help. However, in order to keep our doors open for the years to come we do need more support not only from our local Hout Bay community but Cape Town as a whole,” says Toledo.

To become a part of our community and to make a donation please visit the website . ABC for Life is also a registered NPO (073-897) and PBO (930-029-913) under the umbrella of the Hout Bay Education Trust and businesses are able to receive a tax break on donations made.

For further information, please contact / 021 791 0869 or connect with us on our social media pages: ,