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Frédérique and Alexandre Coffé moved to Ruyteplaats in 2012 and hired a nanny, Zinzi, for their two children. Olu’s Dream was born when Frederique discovered that Zinzi’s twelve year old daughter, Olu, could neither read nor write. Frederique quickly began a search for a private tutor to help Olu and luckily chanced upon Chloe de la Harpe whose family was renting a house on the estate at the time. Frederique and Chloe soon realized that the problem was not isolated and they visited Olu’s school, Oranjekloof Moravian Primary,where they were not only shocked at the conditions of overcrowded classrooms and poorly trained teachers, but appalled to learn that one out of four children in any age group cannot read.

The rest came naturally; with Chloe, Frédérique decided to help and give a chance to those children by giving them private and personalized lessons: Olu’s Dream Trust was born.

The Mission

Olu’s Dream provides illiterate primary school children with private, personalized English reading and writing lessons inside Oranjekloof Moravian Primary School in Hout Bay – Cape Town. Our literacy teachers see 1 or 2 children every 50 minutes, 5 days per week, to personally guide them through the phonics programme and ensure there is progress and understanding. Our aim is to enable the children to read English at a basic level after 6/9 months.

So far, 80 children have been helped and are no longer illiterate.

Currently, 50 other students are being helped (from January 2016).

And 300 children are still in need.

Our current financial needs:

We start to create jobs for the community instead of working with volunteers. We already welcome a young Xhosa man, 25 years old.

A full time local Xhosa teacher: R8,000 pm – 345 GBP pm – 500€ pm
Head teacher and manager: R18,000 pm – 778 GBP pm – 1.125€ pm
Admin/Ads/Bookkeeping/Web/Fundraising: R15,000 pm – 648 GBP pm –
940€ pm
Stationery/printing/other running costs: R5,000 pm – 216GBP pm – 315€ pm

TOTAL: R43,000 pm – 1.860 GBP pm – 2.690€ pm

Olu’s Dream Trust
Box 21
Ruyteplaats Drive, 5
Ruyteplaats Estate
7806 Hout Bay
Tax Number: 1190113199

Instagram: @olu_s_dream